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Halong Bay Weather


Halong Bay is situated in the Northeastern part of the country, its climate is tropical with different in 4 seasons but it can be mainly divided into cold dry winter and hot humid

- The summer months in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam starts from June till August and see the highest average temperatures throughout the year. Starting in June, the average temperature is 29°C which remains the same until July and August. During the summer months, high temperatures can reach up to 30°C to 32°C with evening lows of 24°C to 25°C.

- Winter is from November to March of following year; the temperatures drop to between 15ºC- 20ºC.

- Two others seasons: Spring and Autumn, the climate is cool, the annually average temperature between 18ºC - 19ºC.

halong bay in summer 

Halong Bay in Summer

The city has a relatively high average annual rainfall of 1,832mm, which is unevenly distributed depending on the two main seasons. During the rainy season, and also summer, from May to end of August, the rainfall amounts for 80-85% of the total rainfall of the year, with the maximum of 350mm in July and August. Winter, and also dry season (from November to April of the next year) witnesses little rain of around 15-20% of the total rainfall, with the minimum amount varying in between 4 and 40mm during December and January.


Formerly Ha Long tourism season is summer days, but now winter break is also awesome. Naturally, each season will bring different new experiences and impression. In the summer, you'll be swimming on romantic beaches. Hot muggy day into the cool sea, it will feel very refreshing and pleasant. In addition, this is also the tourist season so there will be a lot of interesting programs attracting tourists both at home and abroad. But because of the quality of people so that causes not well service generally. Waiting makes visitors feel uncomfortable.


In contrast, traveling in winter is probably a new experience that few people heard of. Service quality will be better; the price will also be more affordable. Another quiet Halong is suitable for relaxation, changing the air. However, the winter is so cold so you cannot swim, only walk on the shore and no fun carnival programs.


Each season has its own attentive ones. But overall, all travel bring comfort, relaxation after the fatigue work and study days. Let’s take away from the noisy, bustling city to go to Halong and spending time with your loved family.


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