23 new caves in Halong bay

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23 new caves in Halong bay


Within a few days, the images of 23 newly discovered caves in Halong Bay appear much on the internet. Their beauties make many people desire to arrive here in one day.
23 new caves will be researched, measured in geology and coordinates as well as the ability to access from outside. Some caves would be preserved to serve scientific research, others will gradually put into operation in tourism.



23 new caves in Halong bay

Potential of new caves

All visitors from domestic or foreign want to see unspoilt landscape which remains pure beauty. Therefore, in the future, these new caves will attract many tourists contributing to the overall attraction of Halong Bay.


However, some people concern about the overload of tourists in near future because it certainly brings many disadvantages about environment, geomorphology or the originality of the landscape

It does not mean that we will “blockade” the recently discovered caves in Halong for conservation because we still need to respect the right to visit World Heritages of community and local tourism development needs.


In fact, a series of measures the Management Board of Halong Bay has implemented in recent years also bring hopes for conservationists. That is the first step to put an end for seaward encroachment to construct urban and too near bay coal mining and put “garbage collector” ship system by clean fuel in use.

However, they are the first steps to move on to the strategy of sustainable tourism development in long term. 23 new caves discovery in this time will bring both advantages and disadvantages for Halong.


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